19 Mar 2010

Tatting and papercraft

I recently brought another tatting kit, you can buy it from roseground. The first time heard about tatting was in Bead Magazine, they featured a article about a trip to Japan and a tatted necklace was given as present by a student in beading class. Then in same magazine different issue there was another tatted necklace, I thought why not give tatting ago. Searching for tutorial is a nightmare because I hate following written instructions and prefer to view diagrams. There many pages of different terms it felt intimidating so I brought this kit despite downing 71Mb worth of tatting information. At a glance it feels like macramé but more close to knit making and there is prospect of making your own design. I have nagged by my cousins to sell my creative work they have seen my jewellery. One day I will reopen my Etsy shop just not now.
Another skill to master, at one time I wanted to give amigurumi- Japanese crochet stuffed dolls a try. One thing at a time. So far it has been hobby work.
Like papercrafting, I have been working this on 3 days now and not much progress has been made. I decided to try assembling SD version of Gundam Wing Zero. One problem no instructions so I had no idea how to even attempt this models. So I spent first 2 days making parts, on the third day I got bored and annoyed. There has to be instructions because what about inside parts. It turns out there are instructions a lot of people could be bothered to plough through pages of the Model creator's blog. Papercraft.wikidot.com does has translated Japanese instructions of the Gundam Wing Zero. In fact you can get the them from the Mediafire link. It came all too late as I had missed up on helmet parts and need to reprint them again, even with instructions some parts are you need to decide how to glue them together like the helmet wings. The other Gumdam papercraft completed is Musha Samurai SD.(Currently not in folder in flickr, I hope to retake pictures of selected finished models.)
I hope to finish the at least the upper torso and remake the head this evening. At this rate it should take me over a week to complete that is I'm not distracted by Wiiware, a new downloaded game. 


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