2 Apr 2010

My attempts at tatting.

On Tuesday I finally made an attempt at tatting, at the moment I'm using the shuttle method later on I will try the other method needle tatt and also I brought a beginners guide on the subject. My first impressions were it is tricky and after a while I quickly got the hang of it. Still don't understand how the shuttle thread picks up the first thread to form a loop it just does. If the shuttle thread is caught usually means something is wrong.

I didn't follow the instructions properly and forgot to reverse the chain before a ring. I had the problem of loose thread and shrinking length of thread loop while the ring was being tatted. Solved this problem of starting close the end of the chain and lengthen the loop by reverse pulling the thread.
At first I didn't like making rings because they took a long time to make but usually I find the tatting process is very quick to complete compared with cross stitching. I discovered by pulling the thread of the chain I can keep the tatting more uniformed. Here's my second attempt at first edging.
I feel like with each practise I'm being more confident at tatting. Last night I attempted the medallion motif which involves the joining of rings via picots. I finally figured how the picot gauge works because the measurements were in Imperial only by measuring with a ruler was whole thing clear. Don't understand why America kept Imperial measurements here in the UK the metric system was adopted decades ago. Never mind I usually figure out these things out. The Gundam Wing Zero paper model still isn't finished because a piece was lost. The whole thing is almost complete I need to assemble the wing structure.
Things have been slow because I haven't slept well since last Wednesday and discovered the wonders of online RPGs- check my mailart blog for more details.


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