4 Jun 2010

Update on the RZ028 Blade Liger papercraft project

I have spent 2 week making the front legs with the majority of time is guess work, if there were any instructions they would be in Korean as there are some Korean text on some of the sheets. In order for one section to be completed nearly all the parts needs to be made and it's so tedious. You are making the same part 8 or more times and also I had some problems printing on chocolate card as the black ink become faint on the second sheet. Border less printing is recommended in order to get the maximum size of the templates. Not very clear in the enclosed images, the legs are symmetrical- both sides are same as other only the top section which gives indication of direction( right or left and the only parts numbered). There 2 parts not shown in photos. This model is quite a challenge but build-able. One of those models which the sections are rendered individual in 3D program before unwrapped in pepakura. I going to return to making conventional pepakura model, how about something from WOW- World of Warcraft. It will take 2 weeks or so to complete the hind legs. Any instructions will be added later or once the whole thing is completed, there might be a chance someone else is building the model.
View the completed head.


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