7 May 2010

Completed and Current Projects

I know it has been a while since my last post because I spend majority of my time playing Grand Fantasia. Mostly in the evening because whenever I try to play in the afternoon some one gets pissy and acts a drama queen. What I hate most is this individual is an attention seekers and receives special help when they are not entitled too goes while in being in a dysfunctional family. Well, I'm going to die early because can't get a decent night sleep because much of my time is restricted. I dislike being restricted in any way (FULLSTOP.)
This is what I'm currently doing, RZ028 Blade Liger, I discovered it from ipapercraft and this model is hard. First of all there are no instructions, over 40 pages in pdf. The pages are best printed in borderless otherwise the tabs are too small to fold and glue. So far I managed to complete the head with after some fiddling, there are left over parts I have no idea where they go. (More photos will be uploaded as I go along) I'm using the enclosed images as reference yet there are doubts if the body can't be built. Oddly enough, I added details of this paper model in /po archives back in February and only in April did this it appear on other papercraft sites.
Yes, the Gundam Wing Zero is finally finished. There are instructions on this model check out the /po archives. I couldn't find any dark grey card stock so had to resort to colouring in. This is model is top heavy and need some support at the back. Additional parts are the stand and arms which I couldn't be bothered to build.


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