15 Jul 2010

Short break from MMORPG- Grand Fantasia.

In the rare moments I don't play Grand Fantasia I do crafting to keep my mind active. I managed to completed a beaded pendant which has been lying around unfinished for many months. Didn't know how to finish it off.
Blue beaded pendant

It doesn't have title but there are more details of this pendant on my flickr photostream. In the meantime I'm working on my next project.

The plastic packaging makes a good bead and paper pricking board and a good way of reusing. I dislike throwing stuff away are they might have uses elsewhere. I still run into the problem of colour choosing but see it was this was if you use what you have than wouldn't need to waste money on impulse items. I hear stories on create and craft or crafty magazines reader lost a whole room to their crafting materials. Thinks of the Wombles of Wimbledon Common and you can't go wrong. Make use of good rubbish.
I think I will return to Grand Fantasia.


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