10 Aug 2010

Learning cellini spiral

I had to master and learn 2 things in this project: cellini spiral and decreasing peyote stitch. I know peyote already because was one of the first stitches I learnt and all from the internet. I created 3 amulet bags using this stitch.
I found the instructions in bead magazine unclear and due to lack of diagram a real struggle to understand. This why I prefer Japanese beading recipes because they have clearer and detailed diagrams. Took me 3 tries to get the rope to spiral. First attempt there was too much red and should be more yellow/gold so had to start from scratch. My inttention was to create 2 ropes and fix them onto the beaded piece, there was huge doubt if there would be enough seed beads, so I created 8cm patches of pattern- cellini, amber and yellow. It doesn't say the art of bead embroidery you should use decreasing peyote to make the rows fit snuggly.
The whole thing is finished and submitted to Bead magazine- reader's challenge Personal challenge themed competition. I hope it will published in Oct/Nov issue, I think it was wrong not publish submission details in June/July but glad the drama is over and can go back to making atcs again. I have been suffering bouts of insomnia and depression because wasn't invited to restaurant (twice it happened)


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