10 Nov 2010

Projects completed so far.

During the time I was offline I filled my free time with crafting because don't like sitting around doing nothing. When I did managed to get a new laptop, had to wait another week until I acquire an image editing software because dislike using picnik as it meant editing one photo at a time and the features were basic. Not like everyone can afford Photoshop.
I finished this a few months ago and was entered in a competition entitled Personal Challenge with Bead magazine. 11/0 beads can work well with each other I had difficulties with decreased peyote and fabric puckled while I sew. On the next beading project the stitching will be looser. First time I entered a piece of work in a competition because dislike the pressure.
I was looking for this piece for ages. This was taken from an image in the sprite database- Rainhawk from Dragonquest Caravan heart on gameboy advance never released in the western market. I imported the sprite into cross stitch program and printed off the chart. You might be interested in Sprite stitch blog for projects inspired by video games. Currently, reworking the Infergon cross stitch as the colours shown on the chart doesn't match the ones on the key. There more coming and maybe release the charts one day.
This is 5th project from Dimensions Xmas old world holiday ornaments kit. I usually don't buy cross stitch kits because they costs a lot of money. One more ornament to make and I'm finished as I suspected there will a surplus of threads. Hope to make my sampler and do a map.


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