23 Nov 2010

Latest projects

I was working on another sprite stitch projects really it's a reworking of another chart. Here is the Infergon another monster from Dragon quest caravan heart. There's a few more cross stitch projects coming.
Ever used a knitting doll, I tried using one at school and never made any progress because I was told the bottom layer goes over the top layer so all I did was wrap the same bars over and over again. Hobbycraft were selling them, this one I brought for under £4 and comes with stylus and clear instructions there were problems with work coming off the bar making the rows look uneven.
Once you can't really stop and keep going until the yarn runs out. I hope to make the crochet bear/bunny shown in Gothic and Lolita bible extra mook. Still don't know how to knit though.
I haven't made a paper model in ages since the Blade Liger was on hold. (Too hard). Before the laptop melt down I've downloaded a bear WOW pepakura template. Good thing you don't need any instructions as refer to 3D rendered model as guide, down side is you need to some experience of papercrafting (assembling models) and know how to 'close in'. Best if template is printed on borderless 120-160 gsm light cardstock.
Given the fact I play MMORPG and DragonQuest IX there little time for crafting so something has to give. I rather craft than play videogames all day. Crafting FTW.


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