22 Mar 2013

TAG- now you're it

I have been busy not with cross stitch but organizing all my stuff together but sadly I'm still stuck in same situation I was last year without a permanent workspace. The ideal place for stamping is on the kitchen table lit under daylight I have LEDs daylight simulation lamp pity the batteries last long.
After reading Tim Holtz blog, watching his youtube videos and reading his Compendium of Curiosities I felt inspired to make tags for this month. I made two because wasn't happy with the first attempt never thought of making tags don't see their purpose.
For March: tag of 2013 I will submit them both they are part of set. 
First one I call Dark (because I used earthtones) and the other is Light. They both talk to each and have similar styles. My tags bare no resemble to Tim's because don't have sizzix or use the idea-ology materials I find it's best to make something more of your style like own personal interpretation of the project. 
Picture quality is not good as I've take this on my smart phone ideally I would take a picture using my digital camera in good daylight one thing in the UK it always rains and rains some more.
Much of what I used is explain in my flickr photostream I find it's good to have a source of vintage royality free images the rabbit is from Dover books.
See the colours are more subtle or could be because of poor light conditions. I'm not going to wait till tomorrow to do this why not now. Actually, last week I wanted to make stuff but couldn't because unsuitable condition it's too noisy and the table wasn't free. So I said to myself stop waiting and start doing. This was finished when first half ended of England vs San Marino match.
Here's another tag I made this is for second monthly swap of new yahoo group I've joined. Actually take on ATC I once made for Blue theme swap.

I was giving crushed jewels techniques to try and didn't realise you can add glitter, embossing powder, shaved ice at the same time. Oh well it pays to follow the instructions very carefully.
Okay I admit I went on a spending spree on buying Distress Inks, Stains and idea-ology finding will was for ATC swap now I have more variety for other things. I'm interested in making shadow boxes or personal shrines been a while since last made one. Well I have to find a way to use Paper stash pad I should really stop there's still more Stains and idea-ology, Stamper anonymous stamps to get but they are so expensive. Mini ornates cost £24.99 and you can't just have one.
No seriously I have to stop buying craft materials plus there's unfinished projects to do. There's further news from this post.


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