12 Oct 2012

How Flower of Life brought back my creativity

Been a while since I last updated this page I have been busy and just when I want to blog or upload photos to my flickr account the internet connection goes kaput. Don't know what caused it maybe the weather or interference by other router. I had to buy a dongle until the problem is resolved it's fine so far. I hate surfing or doing stuff on mobile everything is small and keys touch screen a nightmare.
I was working on biscornu Pagoda or biscobud. There's isn't much of patterns, I woke today and figured out to make this type of biscornu. Use a large pattern and smaller which is less than half, third of the size is better. Next was problem was trying to assemble the whole thing together. This project is complete turns out best to make the tuffet first before attempting the pattern as both have similar construction techniques. Completed work will be in my flickr photostream. There's a biscornu kit yet to completed for some strange reason I don't like making it.
During the Olympic was hooked on kumihimo, this is Japanese style of braided cord and much easier and faster than first time I tried. You can complete in a day or so. I used bamboo cord in the picture, I made another using 2 strands of embroidery skeins. I actually find my mini kumihimo plate when tried buy another one it was sold out. This one is from Beads Direct. I brought one from Amazon turned out to be huge. The braiding plate wasn't the only thing I've lost, can't find my bead soup plus whole other stuff.
After the kumihimo adventure I decided to return to papercraft as in assembling paper models. There's something about createandcraft I'm not happy about. There's an accumulative postage on their site I brought fabric gelly roll, Little Watbo kit and Papermania watercolour pencils end up as £50 including postage. Scam and overpriced this is as bad as Hobbycraft. Well you don't need such and such to make art all you need is some imagination. This model is Azura's or Black star from Skyrim. I'm going slowly, slowly so far about 20% in completion. 
I was surfing on the internet and discovered a site which sold Friendly Plastic, I always wanted to this material. When I got my order I felt cheated because the colour is just a film on top of black strip. After much struggle I created this. I shouldn't attempt to flatten after the 3D elements were pressed in. The whole thing curves on left to right. Friendly Plastic is very malleable when heated I only need a heat gun.

For a while I felt extremely depressed just looking out of window and wondering what is life for. Then I discovered sacred geometry through watching Spirit Science videos on youtube and came across Flower of Life which has template, code from which all life is created. I made many Flower of Life atcs, mandala before deciding I was ready to make atcs again. I've completed some art books and love to share them. There's still other things to explore I thank Spirit Science for helping me to strengthen my spiritual awareness. If you are curious and have open heart take a look this channel it will enlighten.


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