16 Dec 2010

Tatting adventure

I decided to continue where I left off in April there's so much to learn. Such as self closing mock rings (SMCRs) and lock joins.
Been along time since I last did tatting so best to start off some basic work, unfortunately the timeing wasn't good as I had little sleep thanks to some idiot staying up late. I had difficulty trying to make a ring it would close when the shuttle cord was pulled. It seems the top cord should flip and not the shuttle. Above are samples of the Dhamana bookmark as you see my first attempt wasn't good. The one below is better maybe because had more sleep. (hint, hint)
This wasn't a basic motif as I discovered as it involved the use of shuttle/lock joins. The shuttle cord is pulled through the picot instead of the top cord. There was some problems when it came to cut and tie the tails had to sewed through the ds which was tricky because the tightness of knotting. A tail should only be pulled through one set of knotting otherwise the ring will detach itself slighting from the chain.
On wednesday I was looking for some crochet/tatting yarn and found this instead Twilleys Goldfingering. Yarn with woven metallic thread I think is suitable for tatting but there is danger of the cord fraying. I used it for Rosemarie's Heart pattern and the yarn didn't fray some part snagged when pulled thorough the picot. Having a shuttle with a combine crochet hook is bonus so I won't lose track of which is the shuttle or the top cord.
 Next I will try the SCMR which looks tricky on first glance hopefully it can mastered easily as the others.

Little note I am NOT addicted to videogames and MMOs  and rather use the time for crafting. If anyone is addicted it's the selfish moron I have to put with she used the internet till 4.00a.m! and plays on the Wii before 7.00p.m.
Crafting FTW.


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