6 Dec 2010

WoW Bear finished

This was finished a few days ago. The template is by winged craft you need pepakura viewer and winrar to open the file. Probally the only papermodel I've completed in a long time. Damn those MMOs are so addictive! I'll tell why because lvling is time consuming and gold hard to come by. In the last month it was nothing but playing Dragonquest in the day and Grand Fantasia in the evening. I hated it because there was less or no time for crafting, I returned to atcs using artist trading cards worshop by bernie berlin. Such a pity I don't receive any artsy atcs after all the effort I've put in. You will never find me on World of Warcraft. Kitsu Saga looks interesting. More papermodel I've completed can be found on my flickr stream.


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