21 Dec 2010

Tatting continues

Inspired by shuttles on google I decided to make some of my own using shrink plastic. I love this stuff it's magical, a thin sheet when heated becomes 7 times thicker. There's lot of shrink plastic in my collection which are not used much. The clear shrink plastic feels like acetate, I was intented to use that for jewellery.
The handmade ones are about 5 cms and perfect for using smallest amount of cord as possible. Some shuttles are self closing which means the cord won't fall out when tatting but tends to run out quicker.
I still trying to complete the pointed star challenge using template by Teryl's hollins. First of all I tried to create each indivdual piece only to be confused and which part to join because when you are working the design is reversed. Started again do 1st run and then the 2nd switching shuttles to create a double crescent.  Almost completed and can do SCMR without referring to the instructions. By learning new techniques it will make tatting a motif easier. After a while it becomes repetitive after a while.

Completed 16/12/2010


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