4 Jan 2011

How long is a piece of string?

Depends on the size of the tatting motif. This time I'm learning the split ring it enables a pattern to be climbed out from the centre. Majority if antique patterns were cut and tie this was tedious as I soon discovered. Split ring is made using 2 shuttles or 1 shuttles (SSSR). There are some good videos on youtube showing both ways I find SSSR difficult to understand. 2 shuttles is much easier in fact the motifs here are worked with shuttles and not with a ball of thread.
 The green version is my first attempt there are times I forgot to add a picot or join in wrong place. The motif is from the tatter's round robin from www.georgiaseitz.com. Basic pattern for learning the split ring and mock picot you start with shuttle hs and end with normal hs on top cord.
Another split ring pattern from http://www.georgiaseitz.com/ , this is a practise attempt it's the first doily I attempted since there are a lot of mistakes. Maybe I'll do this one again the problem is during the second round the piece began to warp probally due to the errors.
I discovered there are loads of techniques to learn and aim to master most of them. Such as double/triple/quad picots, pearl tatting, cluny. The list is endless are tatting is constantly evolving I have come a long way since brought a basic kit from Roseground. Intricate work can be created from 2 strands of string and easier than traditional lace making you don't have to carry lots of bobbins. The shrink plastic shuttles are good for holding top thread since rings need a good length of cord to make.
Hopefully I can get this doily finished to attempt split chain.


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