20 Jan 2011

Bead tatt and double/triple picot.

I'm still continuing learning new tatting techniques. My level is in between intermediate to advance I'm learning a new technique every week or fortnight. Feel like my tatting is slow because haven't mastered pull the top thread when ds is flipped.
I tried to follow the instructions for beaded snowflake motif it was pain taking out ds when no. of beads tatted was wrong in the end I designed simple motifs to make. There are numerous ways to bead tatt such as adding to joins or picots there's even split rings. I discovered a way to pull thread through 11/0 seed by using bent piece of beading wire (can't remember the gauge). As all of the hook are only suitable for 8/0 or E- beads however it is possible use 3mm Swarovski bicones. Beads themselves are not a problem as I have a plentiful supply and is good way to use the odd ones. Not possible to add beads on mock picot as I discovered.
Frilled Snowflake medallion by Lisa C.Trumble and another snowflake motif by Sally Magill. Sometimes I'm finding on complex techniques such as split rings I watch video on you tube to get an idea on how it's done. I find following written instructions difficult what happens if it was in different language. This time around I figured out how Josephine knots, node tatting/Victorian set and Double/triple picots are made. Possible to do 4/5 and even 6 something to experiment because the long picot is folded over the join.
Also learn split chain tatting I'll add this to next post, other techniques I hope to learn are block tatting and making cluny leaves.


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