28 Jan 2011

tatting- block, chain and extras

So far I have learnt block tatting and becoming harder to find practise motifs for advance techniques such as square. Tutorials are plenty and there are decent videos in you tube.
I've found some excellent vintage tatting books on the Antique Pattern library. The older links on Georgia's site are dead so I'm forced to search for patterns else where. Been okay so far.
The top is Sue Hanson's snowflake which features block tatting, come to think of it majority of motifs I tatted are snowflakes. Below is my interpretation of edging by Elgiva Nichol's as shown on www.georgiaseitz.com/classes2/blocktat/block.html. Would be helpful if I learnt the Inward facing picot as would made joining the bottom to the top chain easier. I'll see if I can design a motif using block tatting.
Here is the split chain, I had to watch you tube video in order to figure out how the technique is done. The pattern is Split Chain fan by By Katia Vallée except instead of extra long picots I used handmade tassel.
Some extras- Another Snowflake motif and Button flower by Lisa C. Trumble. I don't have crochet hook small enough to pass 11/0 seed onto a picot, instead use piece of beading wire. (Don't know what gauge as label has fallen off).
I'm current doing cluny leaves which seems complicated but is is simple. Here is an excellent tutorial, not in English you'll soon get the idea on how it's made.

Another excellent Cluny leaf tutorial is by Mimi.


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