8 Mar 2011

Tatting techniques I have learnt.

I haven't been able to update my blog as I like due to some people being stubborn and moronic. Only been tatting for 2 month and already becoming proficient, ring and chains are second nature to me. Also I noticed certain projects contain obmittance and mistakes. Here are techniques I have completed so far.
Cluny leaves are not as difficult as it seems and there are perfect tutorials on youtube. I have difficulty following written instructions even if they have clear photos. I recommend a pattern with lot of cluny leaves just so you can get used to make a loom and weaving.

Celtic tatting- I used Helen Bailey's Celtic Egg Pattern and noticed there were so errors, where it says 'repeat from * to ** 4 times.' It should be 5 otherwise there won't be enough rings to fit to first section. Third section instruction- after Chain B, etc it should be another chain 6 - 3 - 3 - 6 join to picot of ring from First section, chain 6 - 6 - 6 join to picot of ring from First section.
Here's a hint check the instructions before uploading online, 11 year old motif and still not corrected.

Motifs are from Diamond Rio Bookmark/Edging by Sabina Carden-Madden and Saundra Hameed Cluny.
Flying Minor Norwegian Dragon-Google threw up several images of this wonderful dragon motif, I traced the source it turned to be designed by Anne Bruvold. I used Lizabeth H&H 20 No.131 it has 4 different colours you can tell I have used SSSR because never quite mastered it. My dragon is the mystic psychic and appears a totem/guardian of mages/psychics/shamans. Well I am an RPG gamer. 
Inward face Picot- There was very few tutorials for this technique the nearest I could find is Tatted Moth Pattern on totusmel.blogspot.com Hard to notice the inward face picot from this image they are on the body of the moth.

Maltese/Pearl tatting- This is from Eliz's Maltese Pinwheel Snowflake
I must of miscounted on last chain as ended up with additional section of snowflake and it should be load 6 seed beads on shuttle 1 as I can't see how bead on shuttle1 can be encapsulate into a ring. This pattern is good as has clear photos on how a maltese ring is made.

Expermental1- block snowflake
My attempt to create a medallion with blocks. It seems last block has to 4 X 5 or the thread won't lie in the right direction. The first section can be made with split ring which means omitting the beads. I unattentional created floating rings.
Expermental2- Wide snowflake
This has 12 sides and variation of first design I sketched while I was learning how to tatt. Originally featured just chains and ring this motif has SCMR on the outer arms.
These patterns I created are experimental and won't be releasing instructions just yet. Threads I use are Flora H & H white or white with purple graduation.
There are still of other techniques to learn and becoming harder to find practise patterns for them. I have few more experimental motif of my own. Bye for now.


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