16 Apr 2011

Tatted projects completed so far

I haven't been tatting much because I started to learn crochet which is closest thing to knitting and much easier. I brought this book from Hobbycraft and turns out to be useless despite the fact aimed at skills at all level. The reason for crochet because  I have found a amigurumi chart of rabbit and bear in Gothic and Lolita bible extra. Amigurumi is knitted stuffed dolls there are loads on images and patterns on the net, all the skills you need is magic ring, single crochet stitch, increasing and decreasing single crochet and slip stitch plus darning/sewing skills. Waste of money buying that book because I can learn from watching videos on the net. Pfft! In general Japanese craft book have clear diagrams why can't English books do the same. Following written instructions is difficult- more show and less tell. Below is the Onion Ring butterfly by Hope Green. The original term is doppelringe which means double ring. Where exactly is the onion in this ring did they use babelfish to translate the term.
On larger rings additional picots can be added on the small ring for stability. This is my suggestion.
I adapted this pattern by using a single shuttle, yes I tried needle tatt the motif become uneven when removed from the needle and the stitches were large as well. So shuttle tat ftw. Free pattern by Iris Niebach.
Here is completed work, says 5 days took me 7 days because I was er gaming inbetween. Crochet like tatting is addictive can't stop and two can be compatible I have seen tatting patterns with crochet symbols and love the try them out. Still doing a motif for mignonette with the current pattern it's mostly composed of rings and is autonomous. I'll see if I can adapt another tatting pattern and the mignonette netting.

Recently acquired a book called The tatted Artistry of Teiko Fujito translated version from Japanese to English. Don't normally buy tatting books because majority of the pattern comes from the net or my head. Just as I suspect it has clear diagrams and new technique called split stitch it requires a separate thread and eliminates the need for cut and tie. There's some pattern involving twisted picot and crochet patters to try once I have finish the dimple ring angel (there's an easy way to make a dimple ring). With the short crochet adventure over it's back with tatting and gaming. Heh heh.


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