27 Apr 2011

Tatting adventure continues

Due to the time restriction I haven't been able to update as much I would like. Still working on mignonette technique I given up on the pattern in antique German book because was bored of the design so I made my own. The weather is so nice I have been tatting in the garden since inside is too noisy and have no workspace. No. 20 Lizbeth or Flora thread is used unless stated.
Here is the Daisy Picot snowflake by Jon. She has wonderful tatting pattern on her blog and been meaning to add on my blogs to follow list. The post includes tutorial on how to make the daisy picot. Another way is to use SCMR the trouble is you won't get the colour of the shuttle thread. Her techniques works because connecting ds on top thread doesn't show up.
Dimple Ring Angel by Lenore English, the pattern is hovering on the net I believe it was in a geocites site which now closed down. I found it hard to close the dimple ring so I tied 2 chains together some part went wrong. My attention was half focused on MMo I was playing.
Rosemarie Peel Heart of England pattern, the extra picot on the left ring is a mistake. I was tatting late at night and felt stressed at that time. Noisy environment doesn't suit me with moronic giggling or watching TV. I didn't like it when the damn box was moved back into my room. Some people want to work in peace you know.
Another of Rosemarie Peel design second pattern on her Stars tatting leaflet by Lacet Publication. The leaflet was in sale and has 3 star tatting patterns. I used beading thread and stuck the motif on an atc.
No.51 pattern on Tatted Artistry by Teiko Fujito translated by Connie Prener. This motif has twisted picot central ring. On the diagrams looks this ring is made first and final round is joined. I used split ring and twisted the first two picot before joining on to the ring.
I'm fining while I tat the work becomes distorted so blocking is must to make the final piece look right. The cotton shrinks slightly keeping the pinned shape in place. Here are some handmade shuffles I created out of shrink plastic the downside is the top part break of so easily not even gluing helps. I could make some out of Fimo.


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