27 May 2011

Own designed motifs and other completed projects

I'll update this when I have time here are some completed tatting motifs.
Original central motif intended for mignonette medallion worked on No.50 DMC cordonnet special. I have yet to try smaller size threads such as No.70 or 80. Successfully tatted motifs using beading thread.
My attempt at inverted picot the difference from inward facing version is you need drag the loop slightly. I found the loop tend to close and thread become shredded when pulled through.
Overlapping chains bookmark by Jon I went wrong in some parts due some confusion where the chains lie towards the end of the first row. Used No.20 Flora thread.
Tatted heart motif the original was used as an embellishment on Mother's day card but this was thrown away. Show how much my family care about my work they tend to ass kiss one person who copies. I'm the only one who creates original worked. I used N.20 Flora thread which came in beginners tatting kit. This second attempt is better as more experienced in tatting.
Woven picot I looked back on example found on scallop edging and discovered the picots were attached to rings not chains and twisting the picots worked best. I need more experiment with this technique can't find any practical patterns other than scallop edging. Used inward facing picot and Anchor Aida No.30 thread.

So far I like using No.30 thread as just step up from 20 find 50 tend to lock up there are other types of thread I would to try. Only 20 comes multi coloured might have to resort to dying my own thread. Current working on mignonette medallion.


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