20 Jul 2011

Tatting motifs completed so far.

Here are ones I completed I in the process of finishing the tatting mignonette piece I designed back in March or when the weather was fine enough to tat outside.
p19 of  The Tatted Artistry of Teito Fujito- Lacis Pulication 2003, Level 2: Motifs with two shuttles- worked on size 30 Aida thread.
Fritillaria Star on Stars leaflet by Rosemarie Peel dated 2005. Worked on size 20 Flora thread.
Motif from same tatting book- p14 Motifs worked with 1 shuttle the inner motif requires 2 shuttles. I managed to create double rings using one. Worked on space dyed 20 size Flora thread and joined with 11/0 seed beads. I keep a bead soup in container and use whatever colours are there.
Sampling thread of various sizes- 20, 30, 50, 70 and smaller. I used silky embroidery, crochet and nylon beading threads. I wonder if threads of different sizes can be used.
Besides the amigurumi rabbit I made, this is only bit of crochet I was doing. Takes longer than tatting nearest thing to knitting. I finally got back the crochet kit I gave to my sister as present she never used it much. It was kit to create a patchwork cushion cover, each patch is different stitch I was practising. After the mignonette piece is complete I would give tatting a break and finish off any outstanding projects there's 1 ornament on cross stitch kit left back to atcs and possibly mailart. That is if MMo don't get in the way.


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