10 Aug 2011

Cross stitch, tatting and needle lace

Since the MMo I was playing is now closed down I decided to focus on my crafting or finish off work lying around. In theory anyway there are always new games to play well comes to conclusion in order to spend more time on my work I must do less video gaming not going to give up either.
I've managed to complete the last of Old world ornament cross stitch kit by Dimensions part of the Gold collection. The cross stitch takes 5 days and more combine with half X stitch, back stitch and beads. I have been meaning to turn one of my drawing in to workable chart, the editing takes ages and have to decide what count of Aida to use.
I was deciding what to with the tatted motifs and there's quite a collection. I brought a plain black make up bag and sewn on various machine made lace. Normal lace are appliqué onto netting or linen I used couching which took ages and added 14/0 seed beads.
This is the back/side view. All the motifs I used tatted techniques learn from basic projects I found on the internet.
Mignonette is completed there are stains caused by the dye from the beads I should buy the pearl pins as more easier to use. I wasn't sure how to netting as most projects have it as single round whereas on a German tatting pattern it appears are several runs. Nothing is ever simple with me.
This is my second attempt at needle lace I hope to combine with tatting along all my projects. First of all I used a laminated piece to card took me several hours to couch the outline I went wrong with the Double Brussels. Doing some research I made my own cylinder cushion by making a drawing string bag and cover over Cornish Shortbread biscuit tin. I trace the design onto layout paper and glue on thin card. The thread I used are leftover from beading kit, the layout of stitches are wider I find the stitching is more flattened than round. Overall when starting a new project have your equipment ready, use the best material you have already and do some research. Lynxlace was where I got the bookmark pattern from it has extensive view of stitches but I felt it was better to work on a cushion and a lot of needle lace makers used green card.
I'll try to complete this project knowing it takes longer than tatting even though working more loosely. This is one thing which doesn't require you to buy a load of new equipment. Make do and mend.


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