15 Sep 2011

Trying out needle lace and other projects completed so far.

I've spent much of this year tatting and there are not much techniques to learn and I practically mastered this craft. Decided to try out something different but connected with lace, I won't try bobbin lace as involves lugging stuff around since I can't gain access to my work space 24/7 or craft in peace I have to be on the move.
Inspired by Victorian tatting motif I found I decided to research needle lace it is more time consuming than I first thought and used varies threads. Below is basic bookmark pattern from www.lynxlace.com
I had problems maintaining an even tension with stitches as they start off small and larger towards to the end. Here is the second tutorial in the site, each section suppose to different on close inspection there is no difference. I still had problems with consistency of stitches it wasn't until I discovered it easier to be consist with small stitches the motif still took ages. A pattern on voile I noticed is based on needle lace design. You can never beat handmade items. I found DMC special cordonnet 60-100 to be the best.
I was wondering what to do with old motifs I made as most of them were practise techniques.
This is one is most basic of all infact it's first one I ever made. What better use is to up cycle them and as an embellish to atcs. (more atcs to come on my main site.)
This is recent tatting motif I've made - free pattern hearts and flower. Appears as pdf file on a site. I used Lizabeth 20 Xmas red.
This is based on old paper embroidery pattern I found on the internet. I was experimenting and deciding what to do with all the paper ephemera given to me as part of atcs swap.

I'm not going to start on new projects unless I have time to complete them. This time of year where crafter especially cross stitchers have to focus on Xmas items also I have lots of kits floating around so I'll be using them instead.


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