29 Nov 2011

Work completed so far

I recently brought some Crosstitcher magazines which I love is free kit and the great ideas. Normally people buy a kit and frame it with the hassle of mounting. A simple design can be turned into a cushion cover. This is small amount of what I have so far, I didn't get December issue which is just tags there nothing but Christmas stuff probably crafted enough to decorate a whole tree.
This is the reindeer cake band sadly I don't have a care and didn't come with enough thread plus they are of low quality. The kits from last year had plenty of leftovers. I need more practise with a sewing machine.
Picked out a mouse plush kit while in Hobbycraft it cost £9.99. Totally hand sewn and used scraps of fabric I have in my collection. The material is very thin so I had to use iron on interfacing to stop the hem from showing through. I intend to give this someone the original fabrics I will make and keep for myself.
These seems quite pointless, Christmas houses it was a bumper pack and magazine cost £4.99 instead of £3.99. Saves on buying tree decoration in fact there are embroidered ready made ones. I wonder that fools who buy these things are it's much cheaper to use scraps.
I love these charming birds but these aren't the ones which came with the kit this is the second batch. I have the photo of actual kit birds but haven't gotten round to edit the photos.
The first proper attempt at making a plushie, I tried before and failed it's hard to visual the final shape when I'm designing the pattern. Need more practise I found this bat a struggle goodness know what teddy will be like.

I originally brought a cross stitch stocking kit but found it had lots of annoying fractional stitches and thought sod it. Choose to do something else instead I will complete just not now when I have to juggle playing MMo and crafting. This is my first attempt at evenweave it is 28 count which equivalent to 14 count Aida. I found the backstitching was pain as highly detailed and difficult to distinguish the outline thread from xstitch it was easy to do fractional stitches, this chart is by Anchor and exclusive to Crosstitcher magazine. Cross stitching on evenweave seems wasted as I can do something like Hardangar or Lagerta. I can say that I have turned pro unless you have actually crosstitched on evenweave, cannot call yourself a master of this craft. Besides it's easy and like second nature.

More projects yet to come right now I doing a embroidery sample. The first one is back in my AdGNVQ years and still have the work. Will I get any decent sleep tonight I wonder.


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