19 Apr 2012

My return to Blogging

Has been ages since I last update this and my other blog, I decided to return to blogging since I don't getting bored of playing MMOs. Things hasn't been the same when Kitsu Saga was closed down and Jade Dynasty, my character has ascended but becoming boring now and also stupid prick keeps turning the router on whenever I'm online. The router is in another room and choose to work downstairs because this idiot. I wish for my own studio, a space for me and no one else. During my absence I have been busy crafting with numerous projects on the go and acquiring wonderful items.
The picture isn't great since I took this while the laundry was out. During my travels to St Nicholas's Market, I found a cabinet displaying all these wonderful netsuke, I've seen them on Bargain Hunt and other Antique programme. Ah, what to choose they are so lovely, cute rats, gracious dragons so I settled for this cobra. It's not rearing its fang but smiling. The block on the left I believe to be a metal stamp and could be used to stamp on clay, Fimo or other soft material. Sadly the place I brought the block from is now closed down, the shop was called Shared Earth and was only place which sold Divine Chocolate. Sad really all the wonderful shops I used to visit are now gone.
There was two holes on the netsuke, further research I discovered the netsuki are kimono attachments. Have a look at the link for more information. I brought another one from Strapya, this one is carved out of boxwood and of my animal sign. More photos to come.
Over the Christmas period I tried my hand at patchwork, took ages to bast all the fabric edges of the hexagons. The sewing took no time at all, this project is on hold as I was bored of removing all the stitches I'll return later on. Still trying to figure out what I'll use the patchwork fabric for but it's a great way to use up all those scraps.
I've found this plush kit in Hobbycraft. I think you can machine sew the individual parts together. I've made two of these plush mouse. Handmade objects have such charm and whimsical appeal.
There's more photos to show and many finished work to show. I'll update my flickr album as well because have paid for year's subscription.


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