20 Apr 2012

More completed creations found in archive

These are were completed over the Christmas period. Some were given away as presents.
The photo quality isn't that good it's amigurumi baby snow bunny from darncat. The pattern used to be able to downloaded free I checked it seems to be private blog. The head was over stuffed, this is my second attempt at amigurimi. Recently brought another Japanese craft book which has lots of cute animals. These can be hung from mobile phone straps.
My first attempt at evenweave the stitching was alright but backstitch was highly detailed. This was to replace the altered stocking brought from a shop. The Me to You bear pattern is from Xmas issue of Crosstitcher magazine. I added seed beads on the edging.
This is first attempt at creating a mouse plush, everything is hand stitched I feel the limbs are slightly off. I used material scraps lying around. If there are duplicates this means I can't be sure these are uploaded or not. Pay well to update regularly.
Still more to come and decided to update my flickr album. I used to be able to to all these stuff in the daytime now have to wait until 7pm only to find other people are using the internet. This isn't fair. I was told laptop doesn't use that much electricity.


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