31 May 2012

Busy as usual

Due to stupid internet rule takes me 2 days to complete both the Flickr and Blogger updates. I've been back on MMOs scene lately prefer solo rpgs myself they take ages to complete. I don't the patience for epic rpgs anymore. Here is what completed so far.
Rose needle case from Cross stitcher this is my first time using water soluble canvas as I have only waste canvas. The quality of threads in these freebie kits are not good as they fray very easily I found that pass them through bees wax or similar and prevent this. I'm working on Jubilee Heart right now no problems so far. The brought threads Anchor or DMC tend to silky and doesn't match the mat texture of these kits.
This is rectangle concentric doily can came from rettangoli concentrici tatted pattern I found on google. Took ages to complete I guess about 3 weeks some parts I went wrong and often had to rejoin thread. The instructions are in Italian I found them easy to understand all it is clover joined by ring. Most of pattern is 4ds separated by a picot and with some extra on the corners. Look at the diagram and finished work for clues. I was told by my mum that she use to made doilies using a small crochet hook. I think I'll work on some my patterns from now on there are some tatted jewellery and bracelet I hope to make and sell in my Etsy shop.
I found on create and craft. I only watch the knitting, sewing and beads slots as papercraft is boring. All samey and don't like the comments. I love it when Jane Greenoff is on the show as often have examples of other cross stitch samplers. I saw this and had to buy from the site basically it is called Cherry Pie Watbo scissor keeper there's a pin cushion version as well. Watbo is place she stayed in Cambodia while you picked up this object in night market. I think this is nicest and cutest thing ever designed and keeping it in my sewing box. This Watbo consist of 3 squares sewn together and could be the next thing similar to biscornu in a way. I think should be called a whackbo as you can hit someone should they disturb you when crafting. There's enough materials in the kit to make another.
You can buy this from create and craft or crosstitch guild site.
This was my attempt at converting a image with lots of colours into a workable chart. I used Paintshop Pro and posterize- reduce the number before the image went funny and then import to cross stitch program (I use Cross stitcher it's rather old and dated about 2000 still works Windows 7) then reduce to colours to 30. I prepare to buy only 30 threads. Backstitch is optional makes the image stand out more. This is demon known as Crom Cruach and appears in Shin Megami Tensei- Devil Childen, Red Book, Black Book. Took me 5 days to complete and worked on 16ct Aida in Anchor threads.
I'm sure I have find a use for these cross stitch panels. There really not much difference between Anchor and DMC as I use both. DMC is much cheaper and popular.
I have too many kits to deal with right now, the Xmas stocking is no where near completion because  hate doing fractional stitches on Aida and started on wolf cross stitch kit. Have a look at Flickr album for any new completed projects.


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