2 Jun 2012

Offering free cross stitch charts

That's right I'm offering a free chart of this Rainhawk I stitched 2 years ago. After much struggling I finally got the hand of converting a cross stitch chart into a PDF. More to follow as I make more charts than I can physically stitch up quick enough. View all my completed Sprite cross stitch work at this flickr set.
 Download the RainHawk Cross Stitch Chart 
 Download the Crom Cruach Cross stitch chart

I've amended the file, suppose to say use 2 strands of thread. When it says Anchor 0001, ignore the 0s in front and buy Anchor 1 same with the DMC threads and the chart isn't centre. Something about how Cross Stitcher card and pattern maker export files. Still trying to figure out the DTP as the text appears differently when imported.

Here is a cross stitch chart of a Gwyllgi (from FireEmblem game) created by Littlemojo. There's a few more pdfs of hers saved one of many CDs. There's a finished example somewhere on archive. Get the Gwyllgi cross stitch chart PDF.

Still working on the charts.
I'm updating this page when I've completed the file conversion.


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