19 May 2013

My take on Tim Holtz configuration boxes

It started with matchboxes shrines and then I thought I could combine several to make shadow boxes with different compartments. I was influence by Tim Holtz idea-ology configuration boxes but these are so hard to get and on most sites only book cover type is available. There's one place I can still try Sir Stampalot I used to buy wood mounted rubber stamps and Magenta pewter stickers.

Configuration boxes are also expensive it would be cheaper to make my own after all I've done a lot of paper crafting in the past (assembling papermodels). I started with 9 matchbox layout and changed so that I could smaller shapes and these can be rearranged. Each box is made out of Paper stacks- Lost and Found with left over sheet from K and Company. It helps to check the stuff in clearance shelves for more bargain goodness. I realised I could of drew the layout in PaintShopPro or DTP along with the individual boxes and print directly on the paper. The good think about idea-ology paper stash is the other side is plain.
I certainly I won't buy the crap from Create and Craft they are so bland and also p and p builds up with each item added to basket. The presenters act like complete noobs, well any way shadow boxes are like 3D scrapbook or collage- assemblage and great way of displaying mementos.
The trouble is I have to deal with no only tiredness, but excessive noise and idiots who won't watch in tv in silence and have volume turned on full blast. Looks like I going have to invest in noise cancelling headphone at least I won't have to hear the spite comments and devil worshipping crap.
I feel a day is wasted if I don't make something.


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